fredag, oktober 07, 2005

PipeDreams II

After a very nice lunch with a cup of macchiato at Centro I went with M to Brobergs again. He "needed" a new pipe and suddenly (it was the day after payday) I felt a strong urge to buy a churchwarden.

There was a lovely Stanwell HC Andersen III which came with two stems for only 850 SEK (app. 80 €)which I had to buy.

I also bought a new slightly darker tobacco from W.Ö. Larsen, which was OK but its room note wasn't quite as pleasant as the Stanwell tobacco that I got a free sample 5g pouch of with the pipe. I'll smoke it outdoors from now on. And I'll buy the Stanwell or possibly the Caledonian Melange 10 tobacco for smoking in my favourite chair in "the library" at home.


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