fredag, oktober 07, 2005

Pipe Dreams

I have taken up smoking. Again.
Only this time in a much more manly manner. Pipes!
I bought myself a pipe this spring when I passed by Brobergs. Something just called out to me after I had passed the store so I turned back. Only to find this Brebbia First extremely elegant spigot apple pipe sitting in a display case.
The woman in the shop told me it was the last day of their sales so I could have the pipe for 600 SEK (about 65€). I bought it with a can of Caledonia Melange no 10 and some tools necessary for the cleaning of the pipe.
I went home and smoked it. It was lovely with the melange and when K came back home her first question after sniffing in the hallway was:"Have you done the laundry? It smells so fresh!" After that I´ve slowly been smoking away the can.