onsdag, juni 15, 2005

New use for näsfräs

I brought my OBH Nordica (see below) back home and put it in my bathroom cupboard, next to the MachIII razor. It looked really nice.

This morning I had to use it again only this time with a mirror. The lamp in the näsfräs proved extremely practical as it helped me look into the corners of my nose I had previously been blissfully unaware of.

My thoughts went out to my significant other who most likely has been seeing more of this than me. I had been missing out quite a lot of hair yesterday when I tried it in the office. Not only in the nostrils but also in the ears.

Now my curiosity was risen, since I saw in the instructions that the näsfräs could be used to trim and groom the eyebrows as well. I had to try, even though I had never given that type of cosmetic action a thought before. Sure enough. It worked just fine with those stray eyebrow hairs towards the corners of my eyes.

Now I was so into it I had to try grooming that excuse of a beard I sport on my lower lip, a.k.a. an "Imperial". This one proved a lot harder probably due to the fact that each straw is more that an inch long.

I now feel more sophisticated and well-groomed than yesterday, and the näsfräs sits very nicely in the cupboard. I recommend it to anyone who has reached the age where one can curl one's nosehairs into a Preussian moustache with the help of wax. Don't.