onsdag, juni 15, 2005

Trim & Groom

Finally I caved in. Gave up to the middle age syndrom and went and bought myself a nose trimmer. An OBH Nordica for app 15€.
Chrille tried to persuade me to buy a cheap one at KlarreBarre for a third of the price, but Tårtan told me not to, he'd already tried one and it sucked.
Tårtan being older than Chrille, I followed his advvice and dumped the cheap "näsfräs"(nose aerator) in the nearest splash basket.

As I had set my mind on bying one of those products, I stepped into Åhléns instead only to find this.

Came complete with a lamp and all.
Bought it and brought it back to the office. Loaded with a battery, pushed the button and slowly inserted into my left nostril, trembling with expectation. The lamp probably lit up my nose to a nice pink color, I could only see parts of the effect, lacking a mirror.

As the rotating knife came in touch with the first burst of nose hair the silent buzz rose to an earshattering crunching sound as the hair was ground down to a fine powder that rapidly spread across the mucous membrane. The tickling sensation paired with the powder invading my nostril could only have one result. I sneezed. Like hell!

I had to do it all over once again in the right nostril, with pretty much the same result. While I was at it I gave the ears a good blast too.

Afterwards I felt great and proudly showed my newest grooming gear to Matilda at the office, who smiled politely and said it was a good investment and indeed "a must-have in every man's equipment".

I resisted the urge to show off my ears and nostrils, as I figured she had already discreetly checked them out, once she put two and two together, having heard the noise and sneezes from my cubicle.

I can breathe more freely now and my nose doesn't tickle anymore...