måndag, juni 20, 2005

Hamster funeral

Last week my daughter's hamster, Espri, has been on her last leg. When we came back from Granny's on Friday Espri was lying flat out on the bottom of her cage, trembling. We gave her some water and tried to feed her but she didn´t want any. We all understood that this was the end and the weekend has been spent waiting for The Grim Hamster Reaper.

On Saturday my daughter was Florence Nightingale of hamsters, and distributed drips of water to the trembling hamster. On Sunday death was announced around noon. We quickly made a makeshift coffin out of a golden cardboard box and some nicely embossed paper napkins.

The hearse went out to our sports cabin and the funeral was quickly executed next to the earlier hamster grave where Gnager ("Gnawey") is spending his eternity under a ceramic sea star.

Rounded of by installing a solar powered, light sensitive grave light between the two hamstergraves, which will light up the pet cemetary by night, helping the hamster spirits to find themselves and their graves.

On Monday the cage was out in the stair case awaiting its further destiny.