tisdag, augusti 23, 2005

Summer's back - with a vengeance!

Of course it HAD to happen. Once everyone in the office got back from their vacation, summer cranked up the gas to maximum. Yesterday we had 29 degrees (centigrade) in the shade.

The office has AC though so it was kinda nice to get in after lunch, only I'd much rather cool down at the beach or under a parasol in a nice beer garden or sumthin', you know what I'm saying...

On an other level, my grooming efforts have kinda backlashed! The "näsfräs" (previous) that I've used extensively over the summer has kept my nostrils free of hair, BUT my right nostril developed a nasty sore. I cannot say with a 100% certainty that it is there because of my using the näsfräs, but I have no anamnesis of narial traumatism.