måndag, juni 27, 2005

Cheap PVC waders chafe

Midsummer day was spent alongside the old Säveån again. Slightly hung over from the midsummer barbecue, I got a lift from K and was left at the Floda end of the river.

Rune joined from the train all sweaty in his 15-years-old chest-high PVC waders while I sported the cheap thigh-high ditto from Lidl, that he had bought me last summer.

We fished our way down to Anton's bench again, not a waking fish and the weather was brilliantly bright and sunny so no wonder. After a while we started to think about food and decided to fish our way down the entire stretch and have a bite in Stenkullen.

On midsummer's day only the pizzeria (run by a Southern gentleman who didn't bother too much about Swedish holidays) was open, but the had a splendid offer of beef bearnaise with big chunky fries and a pint of beer for less than a hundred SEK!

To top it of the very pleasant waitress didn't want to give us the traditional 'sauerkraut' type of pizza salad that lay in the soft drink fridge, but instead surprised us with a nice plate of Greek salad complete with olives and feta, and each one bowl of steaming new-baked bread!! Amazing...!

We were so pleased that we decided to take one more beer and sit out in the sun to eat and drink. Very content we dozed off for an hour or so and I felt a slight tingeling feeling inside the boots. I decided to peel the left one off to discover a beginning chafe between the knee and ankle. I pulled out an adhesive plaster and taped it across the red mark. Thought nothing more of it and pulled th eboot back on.

We walked and fished our way back to Floda, and all the time the chafing got worse. In Floda, I couldn't get my significant other to turn up so I had to walk another four miles to Kyrkmossen.

I ended up with a deep red semi-circular gnawed wound around the calf of my right leg(where I didn't put a plaster). I'll save you the grossness of a picture. Instead you can feast your eyes on the idyll of Swedish midsummer anno 2005.