onsdag, augusti 31, 2005

Creativity revisited

Sometimes IT gets to me.

When that happens I resort to my slide guitar playing. And dream of writing the great novel. It came to me a year or two ago in a dream and includes ... nah, I'll save it.

What is it with the idea of so-called creative occupations that is so tempting? I know a few people who are writing or making music and in the end they all have to prostitute their talents to make ends meet.

Another attractive dream is that of running my own restaurant/cafe/bar and be the Maitre d' or bartender... But I know a few people in that trade as well, and they seem to spend all their evenings and weekends at work stressed out to a bloody pulp.

Even if they drive fancy cars to their decent flats and houses they don't seem to have the time to enjoy them fully.

But on the other hand neither do I, and I spend a lot of time in a dull cubicle in front of a glaring screen ... It must be better to spend it on the "wrong" side of a bar or behind a guitar in front of a crowd??

Gah, sometimes IT gets to me.


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