fredag, mars 20, 2009

Tobacco jar in cast iron

It weighs about 3 kg I have been told! It has an inner lid to press down the contents and thereby preserve moisture. It has a Latin sentence on it:
Inter bibendum large fumandum.

Inter -- preposition: "among, during, while"
bibendum -- verbal noun (gerund) formed from bibo bibere, to drink: "drinking"
large -- adverb: "largely, plentifully, abundantly"
fumandum (est) -- verbal adjective used in the so-called passive periphrastic, formed from fumo fumare, to smoke: "you should smoke, it is necessary to smoke"

There are no conjugations per se in this quotation. Est is left out at the end, but understood to be there, as is typical of Roman style. Whoever made this phrase knew his Latin.

Can't wait to get it in my ManCave!

tisdag, mars 03, 2009

Man Cave developing

I have made some new arrangements to my Man Cave where I sit and smoke my pipes.
In the larger room, I cleared out all the boxes and whatnot that were just occupying precious space, and instead installed my new pool table!

Yup, it is a dinky one and the balls do not roll and bounce like on a tournament table, but STILL! I now have set up a little "cosy corner" (seen in the picture) with two chairs, some pipes and tobacco, my fly tying stuff (even a "guest" vice) and my little fridge stuffed with beer... Let the pool games begin!