fredag, december 29, 2006

Pipe cover for 25 SEK

Since I mainly smoke small pipes when I am "out and about" I have tried to find a solution which optimizes the carrying-around of pipes without risking to break them or drop them or anything.

For a while I've been using a case which was meant for my daughter's glasses, but which just housed two small pipes and a bunch of cleaners. It did become a bit dirty inside and the lining was spotted with tobacco juice from a freshly smoked pipe, but nonetheless I grieved its loss which occured right after I had been SantaClausing for some friends' kids (I might get it back one day after they clean Xmas out of the house...).

I went out scouting for some kind of canteen or casket that could hold pipes and ended up in the book store's pen department, trying to find pen cases(yeah I smoke small pipes remember?).

The sales guy shook his head and said that the only cases he had were those that expensive pens came in and were not sold separately. For some reason I didn't tell him that I was gonna store pipes in it, it felt kinda awkward. He then opened a cupboard saying "We've got these of course" and pulled out the handiest leather case with three compartments!

It only cost 25 SEK (app 3.50$) so I bought it on the spot and took it out to fit the pipes inside. It was perfect! Two pies and cleaners in the middle compartment! Happy as ever!