torsdag, augusti 31, 2006

Morning pipes are the sh*t

As a part of my effort to guide E to a grown-up life, she now takes the tram to school on her own. I follow her to the stop, and wave her off. This gives me an extra half-hour that i previously spent riding forth and back on the tram.

I have started to use this time for a combined coffee-and-pipe break. This morning I smoked a full pipe of Special Brown Flake with my macchiato, sitting outdoors on the window sill of the coffee shop.

There was a slight drizzle of rain and autumn was in the air, but all in all it was a wonderful relaxing time, and I got to re-assess the SBF tobacco. Smoked in this way it is one hell of a lot better than I used to remember it.

måndag, augusti 28, 2006

L.O.F. Report Monday

As I posted in the in different matters I made a new thread on Perique since I have been wondering about what it REALLY tastes like, there being so many opinions. P answered and promised he'd include some Perique in the Leap of Faith-package. It gets more interesting all the time... Also bought a tin of Dunhill's Standard Mixture Medium, apparently THE English mixture, touchstone to all other mixes. Haven't opend it but am cellaring. For how long no-one knows. Did open the MConnell's Scottish Flake this weekend though and it was terribly good, fairly mild and sweet but with enough taste to stay interesting, sort of a toffee or butterscotch and satisfactory on the nicotine side...

tisdag, augusti 22, 2006

It's in the mail.

Snuck out to place the parcel/letter in the mail. Handed it in personally to make sure nothing goes wrong. From here it is a real "Leap of faith" as the control now is out of my hands...

"Leap of Faith"

Quick update: Joined the (see link to right) and almost immediately got in touch with P who was curious about the F&E. We established a deal of mutual trust which I have nicknamed "Leap of Faith" where I send him the F&E, and he sends me G.L. Pease Caravan.

Here's the package just prior to posting today. Check in often for updates (pray it won't be a sequel to the Pimo adventure previously blogged here)!

fredag, augusti 18, 2006

Fresh & Elegant again

Had to by another pouch of W.Ö. Larsen's Fresh & Elegant, which I have described in an earlier post. I've been longing for that citrus taste for quite some time now.

I smoked it in the Chacom and fully enjoyed it.
Then I experimented with layering it with Rattray's Black Mallory, layer upon layer in the Chanterelle. It was really good, next I think I'll try mixing in maybe 20-30% of F&E in McConnell's Oriental... That would be like sprinkling lemon juice on smoked haddock or something ;)

onsdag, augusti 16, 2006


Smoked half a pipe of Early Morning Pipe (Dunhill) this morning and left the rest in for later DGT. I think EMP is really well suited for this technique. It does not go stale but grows in character without becoming rank. All the flavours of the lovely oriental seem to intertwine with the sparse Latakia in the bowl yielding a more full and complex experience. Ahh!

tisdag, augusti 15, 2006

Logical positivism and half-smoked pipes

There's a word for it

And words don't mean a thing

There's name for it

And names make all the difference in the world

I found out that my "filthy habit" of leaving a pipe half-smoked overnight only to light it up and finish it in the next morning isn't such a filthy habit after all. It even has a name: Delayed Gratification Technique (or DGT).

Check it out y'all, I'm pretty sure someone has come up with names for a few more of my habits ... er, I won't give any examples 'til I find the names (they really DO make all the difference)...

måndag, augusti 07, 2006

Viking chief

Couldn't resist sharing this pipe picture. It's me and some of the colleagues on one of the team building activities (drinking mead [or beer, actually]) we had on a conference. Anachronistically enough the chief(me) is both sporting a pipe and sunglasses, but hey its not meant to be a re-enactment or anything...

Vacation's over

nd I am back at the office desk. The most dreaded Monday of the year, and I find it hard to get started. Cleaned up the mailbox and some papers that had landed on my desk, but am still wating for other people to get started...
Started off this morning with the half-smoked pipe I left lying last night, my Chanterelle with M.O.B. Kong Frederik IX. Lovely. Somehow the taste grows overnight and the pipe gets impregnated with it.