tisdag, oktober 16, 2007

New Package from USA

This morning I went to the post office to collect a cute little parcel, which contained 2 Yello-boles ("Imperial") Princes and 2 Medicos (1 Apollo kinda Zulu, one Medalist Rhodesian).

Both Yello-Boles were unsmoked, one of them had a little sticker covering the bowl that said Cured with honey Guaranteed not to burn through, or something to that effect. Its bowl had this little decoration rusticated lines swirling along its walls.

I gave that one away to a colleague (spreading the wealth) who was quite happy as he only owned one pipe previously! He said he would smoke it tonight.

Oh and some images. I forgot to take them before I gave one away, so here are the three remaining.

The Medico Apollo does not appear to be made of briar(?) but rather some Bakelite or something so, even though it has a nice appearance I am a little wary of smoking it.

The Yello-Bole Prince is a deadringer of the miniature one I got in an earlier buy, though I wasn't aware I was buying a miniature then. This one I don't wanna smoke (just yet) until I get a picture of them both side by side.

Leaves me with the Rhodesian from Medico. This I might just smoke as soon as I get out to lunch!

fredag, oktober 12, 2007

My royal ancestry...

Can't let go of this!


Bizarre huh?

söndag, oktober 07, 2007

Modded the P-lip of my Pete Tankard

Have never liked the Peterson invention, the P-lip, designed to aim the smoke away from your tongue (and unfortunately right up in your palate or the ridge behind your front teeth, scolding it to blisters).
That is a reason that I haven't smoked my otherwise lovely Tankard as much as I should.
Another reason is that the dipping stain they do gives the smoke a weird extra taste for AT LEAST the first ten bowls.
WEll anyway, I went to work with my trusty old pockey knife and soon the smoke stream had changed direction, without me destroying the overall crescent profile of the P-lip stem! Happy happy, Joy joy!