onsdag, december 10, 2008

The Chacom is dead - long live the Chacom!

Went out to get a Christmas tree and brought the dog. On my way home carrying a potted Juniper, I let him run loose. As we approached home I decided to put him back on the leash. Balancing the pot and tree I bent over sideways to reach down to my little Swedish Vallhund´s collar I more felt than heard something snap in my pocket.

Drat! I thought but of course forgot about it 'til it was time for another bowl. As I pulled out my Chacom Superflamme from the small pen case I use for my pipes, I remembered that snapping sensation, but it looked as if it had lasted OK.

As soon as I touched the stem though, the shank crumbled and two smallish pieces of briar fell into the high, dry grass surrounding the log where I had sat down to smoke. Blast! I managed to shove the stem tenon into what was left of the mortise enough to smoke it one last time as I wept (metaphorically) over its demise.

A few days later I was out with my daughter hunting Xmas presents (havent bouhgt more than one yet) we entered the arcade/shopping mall where Brobergs, my B&M of choice is located in Gothenburg. Daughter wanted to go into a store for posters and other knick-knack so I suggested that she could decide the first store then I could choose the second (cunning little sneak I am;)).

She agreed, and for the next half hour I was looking at Simpsons posters and mugs, Manga, cute little fur balls and whatnot with the absent mind of a prisoner on the day he is about to be released. After that she said: "OK, let's go to Brobergs and get it over with"!

I shouldn't be surprised - I am transparent to her, and this one was probably TOO obvious. We went there and I spoke to the fluff bearded youth behind the counter who smilingly helped me choose a new Chacom. At first he wanted to sell me a pipe from the slightly more expensive line, but I soon found a nice Chacom Match Prince. I even found two specimens and was quick to get the one with the nicer grain!

At 30 grams, and the nice natural finish it almost reminds me of the Superflamme which I have put away in the ManCave, awaiting inspiration for its repair...