lördag, oktober 17, 2009

Memorial Birth Year pipe from PeterWD

One of the really good guys over at Smokers forums, PeterWD, went and died. Sad but true... It came as quite a shock since it was sudden, and I had an ongoing conversation with Peter about tobacco blending and so-called birth year(BY) pipes.

For those not already in the know a BY pipe is a pipe made the same year you was born. For some makers this is a piece of cake to know, since they stamp their pipes accordingly, with others you just have to know, by asking the former owner, the re-seller or the maker.

Anyway, Peter passed away and another of the SF members helped sell some of the pipes Peter had left behind. I browsed through the albums of pictures of pipes for sale, and found a BY pipe, an Old Master London Made Twin Bore Bulldog which was mint, unsmoked and in its original box!

I immediately sprung to action and bought it. It came a week or so later, and in addition to the pipe the kind seller/helper had put a generous sample of Cornell&Diehl Epiphany, a blend which is said to imitate Revelation, which in turn is said to have been Einstein's favourite tobacco of choice.

The pipe, as said before, is unsmoked, and has been laying in wait for me ever since I was born, and Peter had kept it for me, unsmoked and in mint condition. Tonight I will pack it carefully with the gifted Epiphany and light up a bowl in remembrance of a good man, and fellow SF'er.

Rest in peace Peter.