onsdag, maj 10, 2006

Tongue bite and weather change

With the recent change in weather from mid-winter to high summer overnight, my pipes suddenly felt dirty and my tobacco choice felt awkward, just having bought a new can of Rattray's Black Mallory.

I had a weapon cleaning weekend and sat down to smoke through and clean my current rotation of pipes. This resulted in a serious case of tongue bite since I smoked like six pipes of BM in a row more or less.

On Monday my mouth felt like Spongebob Squarepants shorts, and the HOT weather didn't make things one bit better. Curiously enough I still had a craving for a smoke, but of a different kind than BM (obviously).

My tobacconist suggested I try W.Ö.Larsen´s Fresh&Elegant, an aromatic that smelled like a market stand full of hay with lemons in it. I bought the minimum amount my dealer will sell (25g - not even an ounce) and got it in a ziplock bag that I tucked down in my pocket.

I just walked some 500 meters to get a nice place to sit and smoke it - the fountain outside Sheraton hotel. I had held my hand in my pocket during the walk and when I pulled it out to start picking up my pipe from my bag, I noticed the zing of lime from it. When I sniffed my fingers I could feel that tobacco's casing(I guess) on them - it had gone through the closed ziplock bag in a matter of minutes.

Highly sceptical I stuffed my Chacom Prince (which I now have decided to keep on smoking ONLY aromatics in) with the baccy and all the time it smelled like I was squeezing lime ...
It was intriguing to put the flame to the pipe and taste it. It lit very well and only needed one retamp. The taste was high,clear and zingy like lime zest, mixed with the lightest Virginia, everything felt a greenish yellow, so to speak.

I was fascinated that my mouth seemed not only to accept, but welcome this smoke, sucking upp the limyness in the spongy tissues. I kept puffing and a gentle sweet-and-sour taste started to evolve a bit like cheesecake with lime curd only with a pie crust of brown caramelized sugar around it! It was - lovely!

I'll keep this one in my summer rotation and soon I'll try and layer it with a few coins of MacBaren's Dark Twist to spice things up. Ahh - it is GREAT to be a pipe smoker!