tisdag, maj 02, 2006

Back to aromatics

My friend D, for no apparent reason other than his opinion that I deserved it, gave me a present last week. It was a packet of luxury grade pipe tobacco. He´d bought it from my regular tobacconist but neither had any idea what type of tobacco the smoker (I) preferred. Wisely enough the tobacconist refrained from giving any direct tips but let D choose from his own nose.
D, not being a smoker himself, not surprisingly fell for one of the sweet aromatics he sniffed.

It was a Davidoff Blue, which I hadn't tried before. I was delighted over the unexpected opportunity to try a new tobacco, and moreover one that I wouldn't have worked my way (back) to in another year or so, since my latest adventures have been in the realms of Latakia and Perique...

On my way back home I just couldn't help myself - I had to try this tobacco even though I had been smoking EMP in my current pipe for a while. The tobacco really smelled like something you'd not only want to eat but also offer a bit to your kids! Chocolate and caramel and something more of - fig? I stuffed the Chacom prince and charred, tamped and relit.

The smoke was cool and mild at first and soon I had a cloud of wonderfulness around me. I noticed people sniffing as I met them and giving me smiles, a crowd pleaser for sure. I smoked it to the bottom during my walk and it kept giving the same mild and cool smoke right down to the bottom, where it left a dry, white ash.

All in all a wonderful aromatic experience and one I gladly return to when I want to please the family at home, or just am tired of the heavier English/Syrian or Louisiana travels. E sniffed in the air and asked "What's that smell?". "Guess!" I answered, puffing away on the pipe. "Yeah, but it smells GOOD?!" ;)