fredag, oktober 07, 2005

Pipe Dreams - Alptraum

After having bought and found my three pipes the thought slowly landed on me that I should have somewhere to put them. Right now they are lying around in my flyfishing cabinet which is a kind of display case in my bookshelf. I use it to display my reels and fly boxes in the winter together with some pocket flasks and other necessary fishing paraphernalia.

I looked aorund on the Internet but most stuff was kinda dull. Or extremly expensive. Or both. By chance I happened to stumble across some souvenirs from the Alps in a Salvation Army jumble sale. After some thinking I bought them and a glue gun and some type of metal wedding crown(see picture below).

From this I intend to build a pipestand that will stun the world! I have baptized the project Alptraum which I thought was extremely fitting (go check it up in your German dictionary)!

Keep a lookout for progress in Project Alptraum on this blog!


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