lördag, april 30, 2005

Programmers glandular experience

Friday I spent most of my day doing something I haven't done in a good five years or longer. I hand-hacked HTML in Notepad. The reason was work-related and license driven, but nonetheless it was a weird experience bordering on time travel.

Without a wysiwyg editor (or a web based blog tool for that matter) little issues became real again. The table and its intricate tags! the proper use of image and border and a href! does it matter if a hard line break preceeds a br tag or not! which browsers support what tags and does this font work on a mac or not!

As the alert reader has already figured out, its been quite a while since I did any presentation scripting of any kind, but the experience triggered something deep inside of me that has not been moving for years - the code gland.

The sheer joy of building a page out of simple blocks, tables and image tags, and dropping it on a server to see the result in a browser - ah, it's been far too long since.

I think I´ll even pick up the old guitar this weekend, just to enjoy something I once used to live for...