måndag, maj 02, 2005

What fishing is about, really

Spent a beautiful sunday afternoon on the coast offering my flies to the marvellous sea trout. The weather was stunning. Sunny but with veils of clouds. A bit windy, and the water was slightly murky. Air pressure stable 1012 and rising water. Perfect conditions.

Of course I didn't catch any, didn't even get a bite. Lost five flies and tangled up some yards of leader. The only thing that worried me about this was the comments I was sure to get from the uncharitable working mates who still believe that fishing luck is measured by kilos.

Although I do not care about that any more than I care about the lost flies or the tangled up leader. A temporary nuisance that could be sorted out if you got the patience or cut off and replaced if you don't.

All in all I had a lovely time, and managed to get my summer tyres on the Ford, drive the family back and forth to Floda and do my tax declaration in the same day! Good job.