måndag, februari 23, 2009

Handmade Pipe #1 - Ronny Thunér

This pipe I acquired in a trade with a fellow member on Smokers Forums. It is an early pipe from Ronny, and I have discussed it briefly with him by mail after I got it.

As any artisan looking at his early work, Ronny said that he wasn't totally pleased with the way it came out, if he had done it today he would hav made it different etc, but to me it is a real beauty.

Ronny also offered to "spiff it up" at no extra cost, as the real gentleman he is, if I would send it to him but I declined. I think it looks just great the way it is, and as with any work of art, you shouldn't really mess with it once it is finished, even if it is the artisan himself who does the "messing" ;)