onsdag, februari 25, 2009

Handmade pipe #4 - Bjarne Nielsen

This pipe I bought at my B&M when Bjarne was there on a visit to show his pipes and tobaccos - and to meet his customers! I had a nice chat with him and bought this pipe from him because of the shape and the grain which I think is extraordinary!

It is a Prince (of sorts) and apart from the lovely grain it also has a partial rustication underneath, at the heel of the bowl. It is a great smoker even though the bowl is about as big as I can stand them. I use it for Balkans and Englishs.

I don't think that Bjarne has done this pipe himself (in his last years he didn't do too many pipes from what I have heard) but rather he has designed it - in principal - and let someone from his team of excellent pipemakers and -designers do it. That's OK by me - it is still a handmade...