fredag, september 01, 2006

Expanding pipe community

Today colleague A decided to buy his first pipe. One of his friends decided to take up pipe smoking at the same time, since he had recieved a pipe for his thirtieth birthday.

All of this pipe stuff made me feel the need for a new pipe. Irrational but ...
I went down to Brobergs and had a look. The lady told me they didn't have that many pipes in at the moment but that wouldn't stop me now when I had come this far.
I hesitated for a while to buy the one I did, because it was made for 9mm filter, but the lady inserted a plug of some sort in the pipe that she assured me would make me forget it was ever designed to be fitted with a filter.

I had been looking at this pipe previously, and now was the time to strike. Big Ben Bora Flair Natural 575, welcome to my ever-growing collection!