måndag, december 12, 2005

Therapy pipe

Rigged a vacuum under the multidrill in the kitchen and spent best part of the Sunday filing and sanding and drilling on the proto-Volcanito.

As I suspected the B-block held some impurities and sandpockets. This forced me to grind off a lot towards the top and spoiled the volcano profile as you can see in the pictures. Another reflection is how hard it is to make a 3D symmetry without a lathe.

The lack of a proper drill for the tobacco chamber forced an interesting solution including a drill and some grinding heads... I can't seem to reach all the way with the smoke channel at the moment because the titan drills i bought are a few millimeters too short. Have a workaround for that too.

The pipe sits at the moment but since i have ground off a lot af briar it will topple with a stem. Have to plane the bottom more towards the rear. Some nice bird's eye grain though, and i think I am getting a StraightGrainer!