tisdag, november 29, 2005

Pipe dreams continue

Got a very kind answer from Trever Talbert today, and it turns out he is also running a pipe-related blog ;) Also got a message from Kurt Huhn, another respected pipemaker who welcomed me to the forum mentioned below. I'm starting to make a name in the pipemaking world ;D

Oh, the Peterson University Flake tobacco mentioned below was SUPERB in the tiny Lectura I bought. Something quite different from the aromatic melanges and stuff I compromise-willingly have been smoking around the house due to their 5 points in "room note".

I decided to smoke it unrubbed and rolled up into a roll-cake. I only needed half a flake to fill the pipe half-full for the pristine smoke. I had resorted to my little sports cabin where I was turning off the water for the winter and stuff, so I didn't have to think about women or children and their sensitively olfactive noses.

The tobacco lit up after a charring light and tamping, and didn't need another re-light, and I smoked VERY slowly for an hour straight! I even started to get a little nervous when the pipe just didn't seem to wanna go out, as I had promised to buy something for lunch on my way back (it's only fifteen minutes drive).

At first it was just a deep mellow smoke and i felt like I was drinking it. After a while a sweetish flavour appeared followed by a "nutty" taste. The smoke pouring out was massive!

If the melanges I'd been smoking so far could be described as Czech lager (the good ones) or Pripps Blå (the international reader is excused for not knowing this indigenous sickly sweet excuse for a lager), this tobacco is more like a red wine or perhaps really, really dark chocolate with a tang of bitterness and very little sugar.

Towards the end the bitterness increased but never to the point of nausea or anything, just a marked bitterness. I accredit this to the pipe being brand new and am already looking forward to my next bowl of flake!

Still no sign of Hermann's delivery though. Since I paid him Thursday 24th it's been three full working days. And counting...