fredag, november 18, 2005

Disappointment at Greece briar

Hunted briar around all of Athens, even in the fancy Kolonaki district, but was told it was actually impossible to buy briar in Athens?! "You should go to Peloponessos, 250 km to the south". Met two very friendly gentlemen each in their own impressive pipe shops. Both said the same and both gave me the phone number of their respective briar supplyer! Nice!!

However I was to short of time to actually make the trip to the south, and came home with little pipe-related, more than a bag of Skandinavian Vanilla tobacco. Imported from Denmark from what I could gather of the Cyrillic letters.

All the less exclusive pipe shops in Omonia and thereabout had imported cheap Italian pipes or the odd pipe from Peloponessos, often in weird camo colours or blunt un-elegant shapes.