tisdag, oktober 18, 2005

Workshop tools

Today I realized that I will not only need a piece of Plateux Briar and a stem to make a pipe, but also some tools and stuff. I went down to ClarreBarre together with T, my main man when it comes to buying stuff from ClarreBarre.

I was out for some type of clamp or vice where I could fasten my Dremel copy drill/multitool, but T recommended I buy a totally new drill with flexilink and the lot.

So I did. Together with a multi-angle vice and drill clamp which can be screwed on top of any table. And a set of needlefiles. And a polish sponge thingy x-tra fine grade.

Now all I need is the pipe-briar and stem. M advised me to by a cheap starter kit and get started just for practice. It seems like a good idea... I might just do a Tankard sittee as my first project ... or a billiard... or a prince ... or ...

We'll see. At least I know now that Project Volcanito will not be the first pipe out of my shop.